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God’s Glory, Humans’ Forgetfulness, and the Practice of Remembering

God does mighty things.

Yet there’s a problem that happens in our expectations. When you pray for God to reveal His glory to an individual or a person, you probably expect that God will show Himself in an undeniable proof. You might think experiencing God’s presence – especially the spontaneous revival I mentioned at the beginning – would linger in the hearts and minds of those who were there. You might think that it would fill individuals with a boldness to declare what God has done for them. You might even ask, “If it happened once, then why doesn’t it happen again with those people everywhere they go until all those on the earth declare God’s glory?”

Psalms of Praise: A Bible Study on Worship

What does it mean to truly worship God? What kinds of things do you praise God for? What kind of things shouldn’t you say? If you’ve ever wondered any of those questions, then Psalms of Praise: A Bible Study on Worship is designed just for you.

Joyful Bible Study Resolutions (for Less Stress and Guilt in the New Year!)

It’s that time of the year where we all commit to do better in our lives. Well, not all of us. I pretend not to set resolutions while conveniently dedicating myself to more writing, reading, exercise, etc. Meanwhile, my husband outright rejects the idea of New Year resolutions. For almost everybody else, it’s the timeContinue reading “Joyful Bible Study Resolutions (for Less Stress and Guilt in the New Year!)”


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