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I’m Lauren C. Moye and I’m on a mission to share joy with you!

Do you ever contemplate your own identity and walk away wondering if you’re some ethereal being that just doesn’t change? I’m not thinking about a being like J. R. R. Tolkein’s elves. Maybe more like his Ents. You know, never in a hurry to fit other people’s time schedules and come across as both childish and old at the same time?

I don’t blame you if you feel a little conflicted right now. Like, “Is this person sane? Is she cool? Is she a complete dork? Wait – I thought this was a biography. Why am I reading about elves and ents?!”

Welcome to how I feel about myself. I’m part romanticist, part optimist, part realist, and a whole lot of dorkiness. I’m an introvert who loves people. I’m highly organized but can’t function in a perfectly organized room. I am a huge conflicted mess.

I do have one thing going for me though. I have a Savior who redeems messes like me and introduces me to peace, rest, and true unconquerable JOY. I’ve been in love with this Savior since I was the age of 5. And, while I’ve watched others question, outright reject, or compromise their faith, my heart has been firmly captivated by God’s love and grace.

In a moment of grief one night, I sobbed to my husband, “Why am I the only one that never seems to change?” (Now are you seeing where the talk about Ents came from earlier on?) It was a light bulb moment. My faith is built on the firm foundation of God’s Word. God never changes. For this reason, my JOY will never change either.

Now I want to share my joy with others.

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What makes me unique:


I’ve been a writer for almost as long as I’ve been a Christian. God blessed me with a natural talent for words…as long as their written rather than spoken. I like telling stories which is perfect because God has a lot of great stories to tell.


If you can’t tell, I like to read. While I may not have a theology degree, I read anywhere from 4 to 6 Christian nonfiction books a month. I have a lot of knowledge to draw on as I share the joy of Bible study with you.


I have five years of practice with nurturing growth, patience, and a lot of confessing that I’m not perfect thanks to my experiences as a mother. Join my community to let me nurture your spiritual growth, too!

Bible Teacher

I made a joke about not having a natural talent for speaking, but I have actually have served as a Bible teacher for various organizations. In fact, teaching tends to bubble naturally from within me (whether it’s ABC’s, the latest news story I read, or people from the Bible). If you stick around, I’ll teach you about God and His great love for you.

Let’s make something together.

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