Psalms of Praise: A Bible Study on Worship

What does it mean to truly worship God? What kinds of things do you praise God for? What kind of things shouldn’t you say? If you’ve ever wondered any of those questions, then Psalms of Praise: A Bible Study on Worship is designed just for you.

Psalms of Praise for a Christian

While most of us probably have our favorite hymns and praise songs that we sing, it’s important to remember that God gave us an entire book full of examples of how to praise Him. Psalms of praise have been given to us so that we can joyfully worship Him. Let’s use it.

God gave us an entire book full of examples of how to praise Him. Let’s use it.

But what is there really to learn from studying Psalms? Glad you asked! Psalms might be well known for selections like “The Good Shepherd (Psalm 23)” or “Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving and Praise (Psalm 100)”, but it also has some shocking ones. For example, Psalm 59 asks God to publicly tear down David’s enemies.

So if you’ve ever struggled to know what you should or should not pray, a Bible study on Psalms can definitely be enlightening.

Psalms Praises God for What He’s Done and Will Do

One of the other benefits to studying this book of worship is to see what the writers choose to include in their psalms of praise. Many of the Psalms are rich in images that connect to other passages in the Bible. They remind their listeners what God has already done to help the nation of Israel, and the lives of individuals. Additionally, the Psalms sometimes look forward to God’s future fulfillment of prophecies.

Many of the Psalms are rich in images that connect to other passages in the Bible.

As Chris Bruno explains, there are four really great reasons to study Psalms:

  • they’re messianic, meaning they look forward to Christ
  • they show that God’s people also suffered
  • God has a redemption plan
  • God’s greater plan for humanity cannot be thwarted

So even if you’re reading Psalms because you don’t know what else to read, as Jazmin N. Frank writes, you’re going to learn a lot. And if you’re reading because you want to learn how to better worship God in your life, you are DEFINITELY going to learn a lot.

So How Can You Join the Psalms of Praise Bible Study?

It’s very simple!

  1. Join my email list below. Each Sunday and Wednesday, I’ll send out a printable Bible study sheet. It’s free and will stop you thinking, “Oh no! I’ve forgotten to check that page. Guess I’m out of the Bible study now.
  2. Fill out the sheet. On your own time, fill out the worksheet. Each worksheet includes a fill-in section for themes, a meditational thoughts section, and 3-4 questions to guide your inductive study.
  3. WAIT – I’m already lost. If you join in late or lose the email, there’s no need to worry. You can download old ones here.
  4. Send in your responses. If you want, you can email your meditational thoughts to I’d love to hear them. I’ll also send my own devotionals out in emails. There will be a delay so that I don’t influence your own study. Example: I’ll include my Psalm 1 devotional in the email for the Psalm 2 worksheet.
  5. And that’s it. No seriously. Bible study doesn’t have to be complicated.

Still nervous? Try reading through my Bible Study for Beginner’s Guide.

See you on February 28th!

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