Why God as our Healer Brings Joy to Our Everyday Life

What’s the most life-changing moment you’ve ever experienced? Was it painful? Was it joyful? Was it possibly bittersweet?

The moments that most define who we are usually intertwine with our greatest wounds in some way. It’s the critical strike of a bully against our heart permanently with venomous words. The moment our greatest love rejects us.

Sometimes those moments are the undoing of those heart wounds, like a friend who acts as the antidote to the bully’s lies. It’s the significant other who patiently accepts you – flaws and all – and reassures you that you are both valuable and loved. For some, it’s finally achieving success after much adversity and failure.

No matter what your own moments are, there’s one thing that should be clear. You have wounds. You need a healer.

How joyous, then, should we be to discover that God is the greatest healer of them all.

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Finding Joy in God as Our Healer

I struggled with this blog post quite a bit. I cannot pick one Bible story to drive in this point for adults. In my mind, the entire Bible is about God’s work as a healer.

Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is the actual surgery but the entire rest of the Bible is about the preparation and recovery process.

It begins in Genesis 3 when Adam and Eve rebel against their Creator. Because God loves them so much, He begins the greatest surgery ever performed: repairing a fallen word and redeeming souls who walk in darkness. Like all surgeries, He begins by slashing the patient open to reveal the broken pieces. We witness in the rest of the early chapters: Cain vs. Abel, the establishment of societies, the Great Flood, and Tower of Babel.

This part is not pretty, but necessary to reveal the abhorrence of sin juxtaposed against perfection. Once sin’s way is revealed, God begins the surgery. He places clamps as necessary to stop the world form bleeding out – Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and finally the nation of Israel – as He slowly performs His work. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is the actual surgery but the entire rest of the Bible is about the preparation and recovery process.

God is the Great Healer. I could go on, but I won’t for brevity’s sake. The real question is, are you ready to find joy in God as the healer?

The Bible actively describes love in 1 Corinthians 13. It tells us something even more important in 1 John 4:8.


We are all in need of healing. We suffer physical ailments, broken hearts, and the blight of sin upon our souls. Fortunately, God is the greatest Healer in existence. He is able to help with all sicknesses.

Mark 2:1-12 teaches:

1. God offers forgiveness and healing for our brokeness

2. God heals for His own glory

3. God heals through faith, which is also His gift to us

So why don’t we experience God’s healing more frequently? Because God’s healing is personal. We must be willing to surrender our lives so that He can work. However, God does offer healing even when it’s not the healing we asked for. (Read my testimony of miscarriage here.)

Read About God as our Healer

First read Mark 2:1-12

When I taught this passage to my daughter, I made a point in showing her how spiritual, physical, and social/emotional healing are all present. The first two are easy enough to spot. Where does Jesus offer emotional healing?

It’s in the context. This man was a paralytic. He apparently was blessed with close, loving friends. However, he couldn’t control his own relationship with them. Can you imagine how it must have felt to be stuck waiting for a friend or family member to come sit down with you? This man couldn’t participate in social events like others.

I can only imagine the kind of emotional pain that builds up from a life spent that way. Jesus healed this man completely, however. By restoring use of his legs, Jesus provided him an opportunity to participate fully in society. Those emotional wounds were addressed.

One other quick note. How did Jesus heal? Through faith of those seeking the miracle (vs. 5). 

Learn Why God Heals and How His Healing Brings Joy

The answer to why God heals is in Mark 2:12. God heals to glorify His own name.

Meanwhile, God’s healing is able to bring us joy because of what it restores to our life. According to texts like Romans 6:23 that describe sin as actual death, then God’s healing is a literal restoration of life. That’s not to say that we should witness resurrections everywhere. It’s to say that His healing has that kind of impact in the core of who we are.

If a friend can undo the words of a bully or a significant other’s love repair a damaged heart, then God’s healing is even more potent. Joy springs from alive, healthy, and healed hearts. God as our Healer? How can we feel anything but joy when we think about that?

Meanwhile, God heals because it’s part of who He is. Healing is the Creator God motivated to action by His love. And there’s nothing beyond His ability to heal.

Why God as Our Healer Matters

Except it doesn’t always work that way, does it? I wrote a blog post detailing some of my story of recovering emotionally and spiritually after miscarriage. That post doesn’t include all the details of wrestling with pain and doubt. God as Healer is a joyous thought to those who are not currently wrestling in the “depths of despair” as Anne Shirley would say.

Mark 2:1-12 and others like it show that faith is the promoter of miracles. Yet what happens if you don’t have faith for your miracle?

Fortunately, faith is not based on how we feel at any given moment. If there is anything that should spark joy when reflecting on God as the Healer, it is this fact. Faith is God’s gift to us (Romans 12:3). Even more importantly, our measure of faith can grow (2 Corinthians 2:15).

Our faith is entirely dependent upon who God is and the transformation He works in our hearts. The only thing we must do is surrender our hearts. As God heals, our faith grows. As we learn to recognize God’s work, our emotions begin to change.

Meanwhile, God heals because it’s part of who He is. Healing is the Creator God motivated to action by His love. And there’s nothing beyond His ability to heal.

Apply God’s Healing to Your Faith and Find the Joy for Yourself

Ask, “Have I been holding back any wound or brokenness from God?”

Pray, “God, please meet my deepest needs. I’ve lived with this pain for too long. Will I always have to carry this weight? Work in my heart and soul to heal me. Amen.”

Do: Memorize Mark 2:9.

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